The Sunday Skater Stroll is a premium event open to all comers. It departs every Sunday at two in the afternoon from Serpentine Road, Hyde Park, weather permitting. The newsworthy event is a relaxed affair, unfolding at a gentle pace with some slight downhills suitable for average-skilled skaters.

All Most Welcome to Join the Sunday Skater Stroll

But, there are some slight restrictions. With thousands upon thousands of skaters potentially turning up, the marshals have to maintain discipline. We list their set of protocols on a separate page of this website. Adults are most welcome to join in, on either inline roller blades, or quad four-wheeler roller skates. However, we do ask that responsible adults accompany children. While the Sunday Skater Stroll follows a variety of different routes, these are usually between six and eight miles long.

How London’s Premium, Free Skating Stroll Began

The sister Friday Night Skate was already part of London nightlife by 2001. This is a more demanding challenge involving steeper downhills and sprints. At that time, three Friday Night Skaters put their heads together. There has to be alternative version, they said. A gentler alternative that will attract more people to the skating movement.

On the day they launched the Sunday Skater Stroll, most people turned up without skates because they thought it would be a walk in the park. However, that afternoon the shopping malls were silent and the places of worship emptier. The people had spoken. The Roller Stroll has since then found its niche, and delivered on its promise to democratise skating in a way everyone can enjoy.