With so many roller skaters joining in London’s second-greatest free event, it is inevitable we lay down a few protocols. These procedures and systems are in place so everybody gets maximum pleasure from the event. In fact, we are confident you will see the logic behind our London Roller Stroll Protocols. Here is a short list of what these conventions entail.

Our Ten London Roller Stroll Protocols Explained

  • The marshals at the event are volunteer, unpaid officials. You join the event at your own risk. If you have an accident, that is your responsibility.
  • By taking part, you acknowledge that skating is dangerous. We recommend you wear a helmet and use elbow, knee, and wrist protection.
  • By taking part, you also agree to obey the instructions of the marshals wearing yellow vests. You may not pass the lead marshal in the red vest.
  • You must know how to stop quickly and properly on a slight downhill slope. If you are unable to, you need training before you may skate with us.
  • The roller stroll is a street skate and follows London streets only. One of the most important protocols is stay off the pavements please.
  • London Roller Stroll Protocols require the utmost respect of other skaters, pedestrians, and motorists. So no slalom, weaving, etc.
  • The right lane belongs to the marshals in the yellow vests. You many only enter the lane to overtake other skaters after checking this is safe.
  • The street skate is for personal pleasure only. You may not hand out product samples, flyers, or other promotional materials.
  • All those bodies give off a lot of heat between tall buildings, especially in summer. Please make sure you have enough liquid with you.
  • The skate is free. The event costs our sponsors money. Please support your London Roller Stroll by buying a T-Shirt each time you participate.

Thank you for agreeing to our 10 London Roller Stroll Protocols. See you there soon!