Some people just love to indulge in skating activities. Skating of all kinds such as roller skating, skateboarding and ice skating. Then there will always be people that instead have a love for casino games. So what do the two have in common? The answer is nothing really except that both of these venues can be in close proximity to each other.

How About the Grosvenor Casino – The Victoria London?

This is a casino venue that is very close to Hyde Park, in London. Here, incidentally, on occasion there is some skating action taking place. For the casino lovers, this is just one of the many casinos in the UK that meets all the wants and needs of the casino enthusiasts. Of course for those who want to take part in some online casino action they can learn more about this through the mr green twitter resource that is going to give them plenty of up to date online casino information.

How About the Roller Stroll?

For those that really have an interest in roller skating or at the very least would like to they will want to check out the roller stroll that takes place at Serpentine Rd, which is very near Hyde Park. This is where avid skating enthusiasts can come together as a group and enjoy a skate together.

For those who enjoy both roller skating and also some casino action then they can plan to make a day of it. It could begin by taking part in the roller stroll. Then following this perhaps after a short break they may want to head over to the Grosvenor Casino for a completely different level of fun and excitement. Fortunately, with both of these venues being so close together, both activities can nicely be fit into a one-day outing.