Roller skating is a sociable experience as group skating shows. It’s a great idea to find a skating buddy, because companionship makes the sport even more fun. Moreover, you can share ideas and smart roller-skating tips too. An extra pair of eyes and ears is also handy, when rolling through unfamiliar places where you did not skate before.

More Tips for Special Smart Roller-Skating Moments

  • Are you new to inline roller-skating? Perhaps you last skated as a kid with ‘wheels on all four corners.’ Well then, you are in for an extra special experience with inline boots. It may pay you to hire an instructor for your first few rides. After that, you could join a regular class at your local skating rink. You may even find a skating buddy there.
  • When you skate, do it ‘in the present moment’, and do not let anything distract you from your pleasant pastime. Smart roller-skating involves being aware of everything around us, including other skaters on the Sunday Roller Stroll in London. Make a habit of looking behind you twice a minute. Never skate with headphones on, unless on a cycle or skating path.
  • Avoid the temptation of skating beyond the level of your own ability, unless practicing under the watchful eye of an experienced smart roller-skating instructor. For example, stay away from steep hills until you know exactly what you are doing. If you skate at night, use light-reflective clothing.

Super Roller Skating Moments Out in Nature

Cycling and skating paths sometimes follow old railway lines and footpaths through the countryside, where there are no cars to contend with. Skating through nature this way can bring the most wonderful smart roller-skating moments of all. You find yourself perfectly in control of your journey. You smell the tannin in the trees, and hear birds calling over the sound of your effortlessly whirring wheels.