Street skaters gather on the east side of Serpentine Road in Hyde Park, London at 2pm every Sunday afternoon, where it crosses the Long Water. Each six-to-eight mile route is different. If they have not seen our news on this website, they may have no idea what sights and sounds of the city they will cycle through. They excitedly wait for the lead marshal in red vest to give the signal for the Roller Stroll for London skaters to begin.

Everything You Need to Know about Roller Stroll for London

We made this website especially for London roller bladers, and four-wheel roller skaters. And naturally also for enthusiasts visiting our great city. You will find everything you need to know on this site. The following are just brief summaries of what we have here for you:

  • The fascinating history of roller-skating: This begins in a London theater in 1743, and culminates with the rebirth of inline skating on roller blades.
  • The lowdown on artistic roller-skating: Learn all about dancing, figure skating, freestyle skating, singles and pairs, and doing precision on your blades.
  • Why group skating is sociable: How it started after an earthquake in 1989, and grew to the Pari Roller attracting up to 35,000 skaters.
  • Kids with responsible adults are welcome to join the Roller Stroll for London. We provide handy hints to get them started.
  • Next up, we provide the low down on safety gear that they and you must please wear, before you don your wheels in Serpentine Road.
  • Would you like to know more about finding a skating buddy? Discover the pleasures of skating together through the countryside.
  • Please do also read the protocols for joining the Roller Stroll for London. We are confident you will agree they make sense.
  • Then finally, we provide a brief introduction to the legacy of the London Roller Stroll, and how three skating buddies started it.

So come on in, and join in the Roller Stroll for London Skaters. After you discover the comradeship, your life could change forever.